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Having begun as a property investment company, properties are part of the roots on which the DLogan Group was built and expanded. DLogan Properties oversees all the elements of the properties division of the Group, constantly advancing our single, multi-residential and commercial property portfolio.

We have a keen eye for properties with potential, and we leverage cutting-edge, innovative solutions to unlock and harness their inherent value. We offer an array of services that include project management, design consulting for both interior and exterior, lease and property management.

Our current residential investments go from luxury seaside properties to high-rise mixed-use buildings in major cities. We choose properties that align with the DLogan Group ethos of smarter working and living; our properties are ideally located to allow for easy access via public transport, accommodating convenient amenities, and overall enabling a smarter lifestyle.

In the commercial space, we are focusing on the demand of co-working spaces for various business needs; the future of smart working. We believe that shared infrastructure in the business environment affords more time for businesses to focus on their core, revenue-generating activities and reduce cost.

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