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DLogan Business is the business operations outsourcing division of the DLogan Group. With an aim to drive businesses to become more efficient and profitable through creative, advanced outsourced business solutions, we enable our clients to focus on their core, revenue-generating business activities.

With over 10 years’ worth of experience in outsourcing non-core business services for both Private and Government Sectors, and an operational footprint in over five countries and twelve cities, DLogan Business has proven its capacity in delivering an array of services including:

DLogan Business Human Resource Facilities     Human Resources Management

DLogan Business Accounting     Accounting

DLogan Business Risk & Compliance    Risk & Compliance

DLogan Business Logistics    Logistics

DLogan Business Procurement    Procurement

DLogan Business Logistics    Facilities Management Services

DLogan IT Management    Information Technology

DLogan Business Product Design    Product Design & Development

DLogan Business Process Consulting    Business Process Consulting

DLogan Business Security Solutions    Security Solutions

DLogan Business aims to work transparently and ethically to transform traditional businesses into a smarter, simpler way of working. Leveraging sustainable outsourced services, we believe in continuously delivering optimum results.


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